My name is Queenie. We are a band as well as a family of believers. We are driven by ambition and faith. Our daily bread is the music we create together. That music is what makes us continue to grow and strive for greatness each and every day.

       We are Queenie and The Crank Gawds and we aspire to create and share a movement from the DMV that the DMV can be truly proud of and identify with. Our sound is R&B/ Alternative/GoGo and we are proud independent artists.

       Being a Mother of 2 precious children and a wife to Sik our Music Director and keyboard player, our love and our struggle bond us together. We feel God wouldn't bring us this far and give us these talents to make people feel through our music if we weren't meant to reach our full potential in the entertainment industry.

       We are blessed with an amazingly talented band. Backline Brooks is a true rock star and our lead guitarist. He has the potential to be the next Jimi Hendrix. James is our bass player and he remains so fixed in the groove he makes you feel it in your chest. He attends school all day and plays music all night. We know he must be tired but you can never tell. Mike our drummer is a talent like no other. He can play any style and he remains the heartbeat of our signature sound.

         Be sure to follow @crankgawds on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our debut album, “FIRST SET”,  is also available digitally on all major platforms. Stay Tuned.